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Savages, the Ultimate Libido-Enhancer

This movie is absolute lady-porn!

Savages (2012)

Oliver Stone’s film, based on Don Winslow’s novel, features two lead pot-growers in California– Chon (played by Taylor Kitsch), a rugged bad boy with PTSD, and Ben (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), a sensitive botanist with a desire to make a difference in the world. And right in the middle of these sexy men is O (Blake Lively), the girlfriend they share.

Where can I get a sweet deal like that?
Well, except for the part where O is kidnapped by the Mexican drug cartel. But that’s just a small price to pay to live with two handsome men in paradise and at the mercy of their sexual appetites.

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Fingers Crossed for Kick-Ass 2

A little late but…

I finally watched Kick-Ass! And just in time because Kick-Ass 2 should be in theaters this summer.

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Kick-Ass. I didn’t expect much from it; I guess that’s why I didn’t get around to watching it until recently. I mean– I wouldn’t be outraged that it wasn’t nominated for an Academy Award, but it was entertaining. I can appreciate that.

I’m not a comic book fangirl. My thing is movies. So before this movie came out, I didn’t know about “Kick-Ass,” the comic book. I knew nothing of the characters or the story. I had the impression it might even be a movie for kids… Yea, no. There is a good amount of violence and gore, which explains the R rating. I loved it!

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