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American Ultra Action-Packed So Tightly

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.12.47 PM

Ever wonder how the Bourne series would’ve turned out if Jason Bourne had been a chronic pothead?

Yeah, me neither. But it seems Director Nima Nourizadeh did. And he turned that thought into American Ultra, a film about a stoner whose world is rattled when he learns he’s an assassin, trained and now hunted down by the government.

With Jesse Eisenberg as the always-blitzed Mike Howell, we’re certain to get an interesting account of what it’s like to feel compelled to complete a secret mission when all you really want to do is smoke a joint and eat Funions. What a drag, dude. But hey, at least he’s got his stoner girlfriend, Phoebe (Kristen Stewart), he can count on. (And I’m sure K-Stew plays that role marvelously.)

Yes, this is The Bourne Identity with an adolescent twist–a series of “holy shit,” explosive action followed by a witty or otherwise amusing punchline. And though I’m not sure how kind it is to appeal to an already paranoid target audience with a comedy covered in conspiracy theory, I find the hybrid of genres interesting and look forward to checking it out.

Out in theaters August 21st.

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What Will Bradley Cooper Deliver in Aloha?

He scored high in Silver Linings Playbook (2012), The Place Beyond the Pines (2013), American Hustle (2013), and American Sniper (2014). Will he deliver another great performance in this romantic drama, or will we be saying “Aloha” to his stellar streak? (Sorry. Had to.)

Set to premiere in US theaters on May 29th.

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Down to Disconnect

Disconnect is about a group of people who have lived engrossed in the technology of their digitally-riddled world and are now struggling to find human connection.

Sounds like a Lifetime movie, right? There’s an interesting, universal theme about how we take our lives for granted, living in a darkness among materialistic obsessions– a society that praises the value of a car over the value of a friendship. Hey, I’m not preaching. This is the kind of message so many made-for-TV movies attempt to deliver, and in the cheesiest way.

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Gimme Gimme Man of Steel!


The first trailer had piqued my interest, and the second one showed there’s a good chance Christopher Nolan will deliver the same depth he gave us in The Dark Knight. And now this one…

Trailer #3 gives a deeper look into who, besides the very handsome (and talented) Henry Cavill, we’ll be seeing in Man of Steel. 

The effects look promising!
This might be a good chance for me to visit an IMAX theater for the first time. Yeah baby!

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