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Horror Film Heaven

Holy horror flick. I’ve hit the motherlode.

I’ve just discovered Shudder, a streaming service that offers films guaranteed to make you–you guessed it–shudder.



(Well actually, I was told about the site by someone who knows my love for film, and how that love very much includes horror flicks. So, thank you, Alex!)

The website design is pretty awesome. It’s responsive and visually intriguing. You can browse the library, or you can look through collections that have been so aptly named. Some of my favorite: “Identity Crises,” “Slashics,” and “Zombie Jamboree.”

But are the films any good? Good question. And I don’t know. I literally just found out about this. So I’ll do my homework this week. But I will say, the site has been carefully curated by horror film aficionados. In other words, people who know their shit when it comes to horror flicks. Unlike on Netflix, most of the films seem to have average to above average ratings, which is a relief because anyone who likes horror films knows there are some really crappy ones out there.

Oh, and make sure you check out their Shudder.TV for continuous streaming. Yes, continuous as in “without interruption.”

You’re welcome, you freaks.

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Netflix ratings are the pits

It may seem like blasphemy. After all, where would I be without Netflix? But it’s time to be fair and, well, honest: Netflix has the worst rating system I’ve ever known. netflix-tv-cropped

This could potentially turn into a serious problem if it is not addressed. How many people out there are sheep to this system? I for one can no longer stand idly by as so many people tune into the wrong material. Truth is, yes there are some great Netflix series, but there are many mediocre ones as well. And the same goes for the movies offered.

So how can you avoid becoming a victim of wasted time by means of a misleading movie or TV series rating? There are two ways, and both are quite simple:

  • Netflix Enhancer (less than $3/year) — This Google Chrome extension will allow you to get a second opinion. It will add ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB to each title on your Netflix platform.
  • Google Search (FREE) — Open a new tab on your browser, search “[movie title] review,” and see what comes up. Perhaps only movie nerds such as myself would be inclined to go through this trouble, but really I think the effort is worth it when making such a big decision.

So there you have it. By using one of the two easy options mentioned above, we can all begin this movement–one that will rescue us from wasting precious Netflix-binging time on low quality stuff.

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