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So Wet and Hot this Summer

I’m a lover of farce. Perhaps it’s the kid in me, or my resistance to aging. Whatever it is, I like it. If you can’t laugh at silly shit, you suck.

I spotted Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp on Netflix just as my epic Friends binge was coming to an end. And thank goodness because there’s nothing worse than trudging aimlessly through so many inaccurately rated films and TV series. I’m willing to try (almost) everything once, so I decided to watch the pilot episode.

It was—um—bizarre. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it. I was in total Netflix purgatory. Fence-sitting, questioning whether I should stay or go. I know you’ve been there before. Oh what a dilemma.

I decided I would keep my distance for a couple of days. You know, to gather my thoughts, really contemplate what it was that I wanted out of this whole thing. Was I willing to commit? Or were my indecisiveness and lack of immediate enthusiasm signs of what would soon become a stale affair?

The following day I found I could stay as far away from Netflix as possible, but I could not stop thinking about the series. Thoughts of it swelled up in my head, until I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. So I brought it up in conversation. And I am ever so glad I did.

The series was a prequel to a movie that had come out in 2001. It seems Wet Hot American Summer, the movie, did not do too well at the time. Farce as it may be, perhaps people found it too goofy, too silly. Maybe people were still shaken up by the Y2K fiasco. Maybe our society has since evolved into having a better sense of humor. Maybe people aren’t as uptight? Were we uptight before? I don’t know I was only 16. And let’s be honest, I didn’t even know the movie existed.

No, I think what’s most fascinating about the series is that it casts the same actors it did 14 years ago. Think about that: A prequel airing 14 years later with the same actors. A prequel. Um, fuck yeah that’s pretty cool.

Oh, by the way, the movie covers in 97 minutes all the events that happen on the last day of camp. And yes, as the title suggests, the series covers the first day of camp in eight episodes.

And—with such an awesome cast, I would typically sit here and list who you can expect to see, but fuck that. You’ve got reason enough to watch it. Let the cast be an added bonus that you can see for yourself.

So yeah, I’m a lover of farce. For that fact alone I have enjoyed watching Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. If you’re intrigued, watch the movie first. Then go and watch the series and see how things fall into place.

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Friends Binge

friendsI wasn’t a Friends fan when it initially aired. I just never got into the show. But over two decades later I was being treated like a pariah because I couldn’t contribute to a conversation that started with, “Oh, remember that episode when…?”

“No, I never watched Friends back in the day,” I’d say. Gasps, all around me.

So when Netflix came out with all 10 seasons of the show, I decided I’d go back in time to 1994 when it all began.

And I’m so glad I did. But I don’t regret not watching it when everyone else did. I was 9 when it aired. I’m 30 now. Obviously I could relate much more to the characters today.

I’m so Monica. No, wait. I’m so Chandler. Hold on. I would so do what Phoebe just did.

And after cramming in 10 years worth of episodes into just a few months, I miss my Friends.

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The Walking Dead Countdown: Top 3 Missed Characters


3) Dale 534314-dale_horvath_03

He had a way with keeping things under control, don’t you think? He saved Andrea from herself, even though she was completely ungrateful. And he kept a close eye on Shane, knowing very well something was “off” about him. Poor Dale. What a way to go.




2) Merle


Okay, so he was an enormous pain in the ass, what with his testosterone-heavy, aggressive and impulsive ways, but did it not melt your heart to see the love between him and Daryl? And he did show Michonne some mercy. He was scary at first, but we sure got to see his softer side before he turned.






1) Shane a_560x375

A true representation of “survival of the fittest,” until his death that is. It was obvious Shane would do whatever he had to do to survive–Otis learned that the hard way–and to protect the ones he loved, such as Lori and her (and his?) baby. Yes, after a while, it became really easy to hate him. He was out of control, and he would’ve probably turned into a major threat… Oh, but that body! How could you not miss that? And now that the Governor has proven to be such an evil villain, I can’t help but wonder if Shane would’ve proven to be more of an ally than an enemy to our group of survivors.

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Let’s Talk About Masters of Sex

While most people in the late 1950s could barely bring themselves to talk about sex, this team was studying it!

MASTERS OF SEX (SEASON 1)Kinsey I had heard of, but I hadn’t learned about the contributions Masters & Johnsons made to the study of human sexual response. This series is based on their work. (Some details, however, are fictional.)

I tuned in last night at 10pm for the series premier on Showtime, and I look forward to tuning in again for Episode 2. While William Masters (played by Michael Sheen) comes off as an arrogant doctor with an ego bigger than his name, I anticipate that his character will be evolving in positive ways throughout the series–partly due to influence from his secretary and soon-to-be partner, Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan), a sexually revolutionized character with whom I have already begun to fall in love.

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Obsessed with OITNB

That’s right. I am absolutely OBSESSED with Netflix’s new original series, Orange is the New Black. handcuffs

Did you know that Creator Jenji Kohan, who also created Weeds, adopted the story from the memoir of Piper Kerman? (Yes, a real person!) Check out Buzzfeed’s article for more awesome facts!

Now, some unsettling rumor has been weaving in and out of the web today regarding Laura Prepon, who plays the very sexy Alex Vause. It has been implied that Prepon will not be returning as a regular in the next season. And yet, E!Online has lifted my spirits in reporting that Netflix has claimed this news to be “inaccurate.”

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