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Friends Binge

friendsI wasn’t a Friends fan when it initially aired. I just never got into the show. But over two decades later I was being treated like a pariah because I couldn’t contribute to a conversation that started with, “Oh, remember that episode when…?”

“No, I never watched Friends back in the day,” I’d say. Gasps, all around me.

So when Netflix came out with all 10 seasons of the show, I decided I’d go back in time to 1994 when it all began.

And I’m so glad I did. But I don’t regret not watching it when everyone else did. I was 9 when it aired. I’m 30 now. Obviously I could relate much more to the characters today.

I’m so Monica. No, wait. I’m so Chandler. Hold on. I would so do what Phoebe just did.

And after cramming in 10 years worth of episodes into just a few months, I miss my Friends.

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Netflix ratings are the pits

It may seem like blasphemy. After all, where would I be without Netflix? But it’s time to be fair and, well, honest: Netflix has the worst rating system I’ve ever known. netflix-tv-cropped

This could potentially turn into a serious problem if it is not addressed. How many people out there are sheep to this system? I for one can no longer stand idly by as so many people tune into the wrong material. Truth is, yes there are some great Netflix series, but there are many mediocre ones as well. And the same goes for the movies offered.

So how can you avoid becoming a victim of wasted time by means of a misleading movie or TV series rating? There are two ways, and both are quite simple:

  • Netflix Enhancer (less than $3/year) — This Google Chrome extension will allow you to get a second opinion. It will add ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB to each title on your Netflix platform.
  • Google Search (FREE) — Open a new tab on your browser, search “[movie title] review,” and see what comes up. Perhaps only movie nerds such as myself would be inclined to go through this trouble, but really I think the effort is worth it when making such a big decision.

So there you have it. By using one of the two easy options mentioned above, we can all begin this movement–one that will rescue us from wasting precious Netflix-binging time on low quality stuff.

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Obsessed with OITNB

That’s right. I am absolutely OBSESSED with Netflix’s new original series, Orange is the New Black. handcuffs

Did you know that Creator Jenji Kohan, who also created Weeds, adopted the story from the memoir of Piper Kerman? (Yes, a real person!) Check out Buzzfeed’s article for more awesome facts!

Now, some unsettling rumor has been weaving in and out of the web today regarding Laura Prepon, who plays the very sexy Alex Vause. It has been implied that Prepon will not be returning as a regular in the next season. And yet, E!Online has lifted my spirits in reporting that Netflix has claimed this news to be “inaccurate.”

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