It’s a Disaster Is Really Not

Stumbled upon this indie work of art on Netflix, and I’m ever so glad I did.

It's a Disaster

The darkly humorous shot with which the movie opens immediately sets the tone for what you’re about to experience. Then, it introduces you to a cast of frustrating characters in an array of awkward moments and situations. In the background, the subtle sound of police and rescue vehicle sirens blare, and no one (maybe not even you at first) notices because they’re so engulfed in their “disastrous” lives. And yet, you find yourself loving these characters for the messes that they are.

Everything Director Todd Berger does in this film works–even the sudden turn that David Cross‘ character makes towards the end. When in most cases it would’ve seemed inconceivable and extreme, in It’s a Disaster it works!

It’s witty, it’s ironic, it’s funny. Need I say more? Well, I don’t want to. You should see it for yourself.
And I expect some very “animated” responses to the ending, so feel free to stop by and comment. I welcome the discussion!

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One thought on “It’s a Disaster Is Really Not

  1. Christine says:

    Best find ever!

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