Brace Yourselves for Prisoners

Yesterday I caught the midnight showing of Prisoners, starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, and write to you today to urge you to go watch it tonight!

Prisoners(Think Mystic River.)

For two and a half hours you’ll be gripping tightly to your partner or, as I found myself doing, covering your mouth in disbelief as the story carries you through this gloomy Pennsylvania small town covered in snow, rain, and dead autumn leaves where two little girls have gone missing as of Thanksgiving afternoon.

In this clip posted on the “Movies” section of The New York Times website, director Denis Villeneuve expresses that “the most important thing to do in cinema is to suggest, not show,” and that is evident throughout his film. This comes as a relief because this is after all a movie about retribution–but it was executed masterfully in that the extent of the brutality was more than evident without the need for excessive gore.

Tension and dread move along the entire film at a slow and steady pace. Brace yourselves.

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