Mixed Feelings for Now You See Me

large_jNPvwlt6h6Gm4jdRbfzyYjgHpVbCan I just say– don’t you absolutely love that feeling you get when you sit down in a movie theater and brace yourself for the experience you have been waiting for since the first time you saw the movie’s trailer a couple of months ago? It’s a combination of a couple of feelings actually: excitement, the idea that this movie might be one hell of a ride; and nervousness, accepting you might be walking out of there feeling deeply disappointed.

In some cases, it’s a risk worth taking, and it seemed to be so with Now You See Me, since (although the title didn’t impress me) the trailer immediately piqued my interest.

The mystery behind every illusion is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Throw in crime and conflict, and you’ve got an entertaining story on your hands. I usually keep as quiet as a mouse while watching a movie, out of respect to my fellow audience members and to the film itself. But this ride was too good not to occasionally exclaim, “Whoa,” “Oh shit,” and “Awesome!” 

Nonetheless, entertaining as it was, the film left me with mixed feelings.
**[Slight] SPOILER ALERT**

I can’t tell you how annoying it is to see right through superficial Hollywood gimmicks, but it’s even more frustrating when I can’t understand why. Such as–

  • The cliché romance between the leading detectives. WHY?
    The idea that the film needed any romantic involvement between these characters leads only to a pointless kiss and a cheesy ending.

Eliminate the unnecessary romance and cut the film right after discovering the identity of the mystery man behind it all, and Now You See Me might not have fallen so flat.

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One thought on “Mixed Feelings for Now You See Me

  1. Carmen says:

    awesome, awesome, awesome. Finally caught it last night and i LOVED it, I was convinced it was morgan freeman that was behind it the whole time lol and then BAM! I didn’t particularly mind the ending, wasn’t great but wasn’t awful either imo but worth the ride either way.

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