Down to Disconnect

Disconnect is about a group of people who have lived engrossed in the technology of their digitally-riddled world and are now struggling to find human connection.

Sounds like a Lifetime movie, right? There’s an interesting, universal theme about how we take our lives for granted, living in a darkness among materialistic obsessions– a society that praises the value of a car over the value of a friendship. Hey, I’m not preaching. This is the kind of message so many made-for-TV movies attempt to deliver, and in the cheesiest way.

But by the looks of it, it seems this film’s director Henry Alex Rubin (known for Murderball and Girl, Interrupted) offers such a lesson cheese-free. Either that or they have some pretty awesome movie-trailer editors– ’cause they sure got me!

Disconnect is currently out in select theaters. Click here to buy your tickets.

I got mine! See you at the movies.

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One thought on “Down to Disconnect

  1. Carmen Albarran says:

    can’t wait to see it! It sure does look good and it’s definitely a theme we should all be concerned with in this digital life.

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