Gimme Gimme Man of Steel!


The first trailer had piqued my interest, and the second one showed there’s a good chance Christopher Nolan will deliver the same depth he gave us in The Dark Knight. And now this one…

Trailer #3 gives a deeper look into who, besides the very handsome (and talented) Henry Cavill, we’ll be seeing in Man of Steel. 

The effects look promising!
This might be a good chance for me to visit an IMAX theater for the first time. Yeah baby!

The lineup!
Russell Crowe (when not armed with a phone) has shown his true talents in the past, except for his vocal efforts in Les Miserables. I’m excited to see what he has done with his character Jor-El, Superman’s biological father. Then we have Kevin Kostner and Diane Lane casted alongside each other as Jonathan and Martha Kent, Clark Kent’s adoptive parents. Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Laurence Fishburne as Perry White. Michael Shannon as General Zod. And Christopher Meloni, the Law & Order: SVU star, as Colonel Hardy! (I’m a huge SVU fan. This was a biggie for me.)

Talk about cine-foreplay! How will I last until June?

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2 thoughts on “Gimme Gimme Man of Steel!

  1. Saw it. Loved it!! Loved the casting… despite the Uber long running time, it kept me engaged. 2 thumbs up -says me

    • mynamesnotannie says:

      Wasn’t it incredibly visually stimulating?
      Didn’t even bother me that dialogue was scarce.

      Just as Cavill’s teeth didn’t bother me either. (His arms make up for them.)

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