Wit & Humor, Ammo for A Gun in Each Hand

Last night I attended a screening (hosted by the Miami International Film Festival) of Una pistola en cada mano (A Gun in Each Hand) at the Tower Theater in Little Havana. Spanish director Cesc Gay collaborated with Tomás Aragay and a cast of exceptionally talented actors, including Jordi Mollá (Blow and Bad Boys II), to create a film about eight men in their forties, each handling a personal crisis.

The trailer is what got me.

Dialogue dominates this film. There is no gun, not a shot fired, not a single chase. And yet, I clung to every word, every eyebrow lift, every quirky smile. Each scene plays a new scenario with an exchange of words just as intense as the one before it. The most physical movement you get is a slow car ride; so if you’re into fast-paced action films, this is not for you.

After the screening, actor Eduardo Noriega stood before us and answered our questions. He explained that the title of the movie was based on how men approach situations with women– with “a gun in each hand,” armed and ready to defend. Neither he nor any of the other actors were allowed to read a part of the script outside of their scene. And while the writers had worked on the script, they had photos of the manliest men (by social standards), such as “John Wayne,” up on the wall as a point of reference. The idea was to create scenarios where these men would be vulnerable. How would John Wayne handle it?

The Miami International Film Festival opened its 2013 lineup of films last Friday, March 1st, and it will continue until this Sunday, March 10th. If you’re in our area, I highly suggest you check out the schedule. Good luck picking just one or two out of the lot!

I myself am going to try to get tickets to see another film. Stay tuned!

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